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Our Vision

We are convinced that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and the king. We are eager to see his kingdom expand on the ground, his return, and the complete realization of his kingdom. All our resources are used by God to continue to expand and realize the kingdom of Jesus.

About Kingdom for Jesus (K4J)

  • Officially registered as a non-profit organization recognized by California and the federal government in July 2007, it officially opened in November 2011. The main service of ministry is the Chinese community around the world.
  • Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the king. We are eager to see His kingdom expand throughout the country. All of our resources are to be used by God in order to continue to expand and realize the kingdom of Jesus.

K4J Ministry

  • Translating the research and writings of the famous Western scholars of the late Bible. Research and synthesis of information about trends in the end of the world and in line with biblical truths, making multimedia information.
  • Connect churches, experts and scholars, and regularly organize end-time special training courses and special sessions. Teach the Lord Jesus to come back and watch the message of the last days, and to equip the brothers and sisters who are called by God to be pioneers.


Kingdom Focus Life: Life is marked by the expansion of the kingdom of Christ. Crossing cultures, races, sects, and nets of the kingdom of heaven to catch a variety of fish.


The urgency of the end of the last century: the pendulum of the end-time clock is swinging with acceleration, but the 70th 7 of the prophecy of Daniel has quickly approached. The days of the end of the great harvest are near: the wheat (the god) and the scorpion (the enemy) must enter the period of accelerated maturity, prepare themselves, work with God, and harvest quickly. The message of the end of the world: understand the book of revelation, understand the mind and will of God, work with God, and be the son of day.


Became a pioneer who shouted “The groom is coming!”, awakened, vigilant, prepared for the bride of Christ – the church, the bridegroom – the arrival of Christ. (Matthew 25:6) The Apostolic Spirit: Turning the crisis into an opportunity, grasping the promises, grasping new opportunities, and creating new channels. A strong and pioneering lifestyle, a faithful witness to Jesus Christ. .


By studying the Bible prophecy, you can compare the signs of the times and understand God’s will for the end times. Decompose the Word of God as it is.


We believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the true Gods of the Trinity.
We believe in God, create and rule people and everything. He is the master of all things in the universe, performing judgment and salvation.
We believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, born of Holy Inspiration, born of the virgin Mary, suffering for the sin of mankind, crucified and dead, resurrected on the third day, and then ascended to heaven to sit on the right hand of the Father. He is the only salvation of mankind.
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, living among us, giving power to enable us to bear witness in the nations until the Lord returns.
We believe that the Bible is the absolute truth revealed by God and the norm of our faith and life.
We believe that when Jesus returns, the Messianic kingdom will be realized.

K4J Connections

Official Website WWW.K4J.US 4da56c6e4199ee90672a68bb2f18884f-Browser The website mainly provides blogs that are updated regularly. According to different themes, combined with current affairs news, archaeological discoveries and information on special events related to the end-time signs, we analyze and provide multi-disciplinary reports from the perspective of the Bible. We have published a series of articles on 12 different topics, such as the Shroud of Turin and the Four Bloods of the Chain.

facebookFACEBOOK.COM/KINGDOM4JESUS Introducing the “Fresh Daily Discourse” section: Invite a number of young artists of different styles to create different works and attach biblical discourses to us on a monthly basis. We hope to encourage the lives of believers and attract the seekers to join. In addition, we will also release the latest news and blog posts in real time.

Featured imageYouTube & WWW.K4J.TV The video channel, for information sharing on different topics, as well as world-time pre-information reports, more lively and humorous Bible knowledge programs and current affairs commentary programs. We hope that the audience can not only understand the current events of the world, but also use the biblical truth and the prophecy of the last days to interpret the hidden spiritual meanings and possible development trends under the surface of the event.

Apps-Live-Messenger-alt-2-Metro-iconAnnual Conference K4J held a number of special conferences every year, and each time they received great repercussions. 2013 “The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin” special meeting, January 2015 “DNA Code of the Imprint of the Beast” special meeting, July 2015 “Super Blood Moon of the Four Bloody Month” special meeting, February 2016 20th and so on. We hope that from the links in the special session, Christians will be better informed about the prophecies of the Bible and the typology of the return of the Lord Jesus.