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Response to Tim Hegg’s review of Michael Rood’s”The Chronological Gospels”

admin Nov 20

In the book of “the Chronological Gospel” written by Biblical Chronicles Scholar Michael Rood, One of the main arguments is John 6: 4 “At that time the Jewish Passover was near. It was a fourth-century bishop of Caesarea Eusebius was added to the Bible。 Rood emphasized that the earliest manuscripts of the Greek scriptures were completely missing from John 6: 4.After a rigorous process of searching and verifying ancient scriptures, and with the help of some of the most prominent Hebrew scholars and astronomers, Confucianism not only restored the original appearance of the Hebrew calendar, but also advocated that the service of Jesus Christ was only one year. That is, the time from one Passover to another Passover! Tim Hegg of the Torah Resource Institute does not agree on Rood’s thought on John 6:4 concerning John 6: 4 is a view that was later mistakenly inserted and that Jesus served only one year. This article is written by Dr. Miles R. Jones. Its purpose was to defend Tim Hegg’s criticism of Michael Rood’s chronicle gospels. Biblical scholars defend their arguments, and verbal rivalries are commonplace. The main point is who has strong evidence. In addition to the clear content and clear presentation of this article by Dr. Miles R. Jones, the process of interpreting the scriptures and analyzing relevant evidence is delicate. After reading this article, you will not only have a general understanding of Rude’s claims, but also understand that their claims are an important key to unlocking the mysteries of the four Gospels. In addition, the essay presented later in this article is evidence of the one-year ministry of the Lord Jesus found by the eschatology translation research team. In this short essay, “How Long Has Jesus Come to Serve”? You will learn that important literature in Catholicism itself also acknowledges that some church godfathers believe that Jesus has come to serve only one year. (Introduction: Star Heart)

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