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Experience the glory of Jesus

admin Nov 21

Editor: Frank Xue

2011 onething K4J Conference – 畢邁可

Experience the majesty of Jesus (Prov. 2: 1-5)

I.  Jesus, our great dedication耶穌的威榮

    1. “Great obsession” itself is a contradictory word (translator’s explanation: “obsession” means “addiction” or “fascination” in English, but the translator translated it into ” Perseverance “is used to describe Jesus as the goal we are pursuing: attachment.), Because things that are usually fascinated (attached) are destructive, but there is a fascination that can free us, lead us into doom Satisfy us with spiritual blessings and give us God’s crown of glory and honor (Heb. 2: 7).
    2. The basic premise of this message is that of all the graces that God has given us, the one that can best transform our emotions and satisfy our hearts is that the Holy Spirit reveals God Himself to human hearts. One of the most renewing, inspiring, and encouraging things in the kingdom of God is Jesus Himself.
    3. The Christian faith is not just to escape from hell, to obey a bunch of rules and accomplish ministry tasks, but to actively pursue one person and actively resist sin, sickness, and Satan. Many people live in “passive Christianity”, focusing on trying to resist darkness, but not actively pursuing Jesus. This way is weak, ineffective, and unable to renew our hearts..
    4. When most believers in the church think of Jesus, they think of Him as their forgiver, their “passport stamp” for entering heaven. They see that He can heal, supply, guide, and bless the environment. Much richer. The best secret kept in the church is the prestige of Jesus.
    5. When Paul saw the glory and glory of Jesus, or [its value] as precious, he was willing to give up everything; if Jesus we saw could be as Paul saw us, our lives would be like Paul. In order to better understand the glory and glory of Jesus, to feel the power of this knowledge, and to be more surprised by what Jesus is, he was willing to give up everything. Knowing Jesus will awaken love and drive away tired and sad spirits.
      Not only that, but I also consider all things to be detrimental, because I regard knowing our Lord Jesus Christ as the treasure [glory and glory] … (Philippians 3: 8)
    6. The Holy Spirit desires to lead us into the deepest things in God’s heart, just like finding treasures, and the Holy Spirit is the only one who can lead us into the deepest things in God. But He will not lead us unless we follow His ways and requirements.
      10 … Because the Holy Spirit sees everything, even the profound things of God … 12 What we receive is not the spirit of the world, but the spirit from God, so that we can know what God has given us. (1 Corinthians 2: 10-12)
      The Holy Spirit wants to glorify Jesus in people’s hearts by revealing Jesus to us according to our hunger; the work of the Holy Spirit is based on our spiritual hunger, and He will not force us to eat and drink [Jesus’s truth].

Just wait for the Holy Spirit of Truth to come, He will guide you to understand [into] all truths … 14 He will glorify me, because He will tell you what I have suffered. (John 16: 13-14)

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