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First Step of K4J

admin Nov 21


On Saturday, K4J finally took the first step since becoming a team: participated in the special meeting of MPD, and officially promoted K4J Group to everyone.

Although the flyers and small gifts had been prepared in advance, when I arrived at the venue, I was still a little nervous. Especially when we saw the stalls of Impact Church next to each other, the preparation on our side seemed a bit thin. I don’t know what people think and react to our new ministry. However, for God, we still need to be confident that his grace will lead us well.

The first guest appeared, and we gathered courage, Irene with a cute smile
Handing over our small gifts and flyers, Frank said in a hearty voice: “Welcome to support us K4J, a new pioneering ministry!” Ha, the guests did not show a scared expression, but instead came to see us The website, although not much to say, we already feel very encouraged. After that, as more and more guests came, we also introduced our ministry with great enthusiasm. Everyone stopped to visit our website and asked us different questions. Roy Ying, Chairman of the Western Conference of the National Welfare Association, also came to our booth to visit and guide, and gave guidance and support for our future direction.

At the end, take a look at the few leaflets left, remember the encouragement and support that everyone gave us today, and thank the Lord who praises us. Although the resources are not very sufficient, like a newborn baby, he took the first step bravely. I don’t know if you will continue to pay attention to us when you go back, but the seeds have been broadcast, I believe they will germinate and grow in the future.

末世先鋒團隊Thank you for praising the Lord, for leading us to K4J, and for blessing every brother and sister who received our flyers, just like the dazzling sunlight outside, his grace will be full and abundant for everyone.


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